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Instagram is experimenting with hiding the number of likes a post has from other users. It addressed the test in a tweet earlier this week, saying that it had inadvertently introduced more users to it but that the problem had been resolved. While like counts have been a part of Instagram since its inception, and the concept of eliminating them would be foreign to many users, Instagram has been debating the idea for years, and they’ve already been removed for some users in a few countries.

The idea was first tested in Canada in 2019, and later that year, it was extended to Ireland, Italy, Japan, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Instead of seeing how many people have liked someone else’s message, users will know that it has been ‘Liked by’ one named account as well as others.’ Users will see likes on their posts but not on posts from accounts they follow.

So what is it?

When Instagram first began exploring the concept of personal likes at the beginning of 2019, CEO Adam Mosseri told BuzzFeed News, “It was about creating a less pressurized environment where people feel comfortable expressing themselves.” He said that Instagram is aware that certain users are worried about how many likes their posts get, suggesting that mental health is a factor. But if you need likes, you can always go the Buy Instagram Likes Australia route to market your business and profile.

It’s important to remember that likes aren’t going away entirely; they’ll only be concealed from fans, so users can still see how many likes they’ve got on a post with a few taps. Worse still, there is no way to opt-in or opt out of personal likes if you are already a member of the test community.

Instagram hasn’t said how big this test is for the US or other country viewers — but as a Canadian, I can tell it’s a lot bigger than I expected. After about three months, it seemed that personal likes had been rolled out to almost everyone on Instagram followers in Canada.

Of course, this marks a significant shift in how Instagram and its users operate. Although not the most accurate indicator of “progress,” the amount of likes a post receives has long served as a kind of status mark on the platform. That is why people often BUY INSTAGRAM LIKES UK to up their game.

Interestingly, Mosseri has stated that the research was inspired by Instagram’s Stories feature, implying that interaction on Stories posts remains high despite the lack of like counts. The testing will look at how the elimination of like counts affect how people feel about using Instagram, how they use the website, and the creator community, among other things, according to him.