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How To buy YouTube Likes

People entertained themselves through storytelling, crafts etc but as the time passed the modes of entertainment also changed. Then there comes TV or radio. But now we are in the age of the internet, whatever sort of entertainment we want we find online. Streaming services are getting popular nowadays and one of them is YouTube

YouTube is one of the fast evolving platforms nowadays. One billion hours of video are being watched over YouTube. From this you can get an idea how it is becoming popular among all other platforms. It's not a platform for entertainment but you also can run your business over there. The people from the age 14 to 38 are using this platform. But it is also becoming popular among all ages.

YouTube is a powerful business tool but in order to make a good sales over there you need to have a good visibility of your content which is basically determined by likes or dislikes. The more likes can boost your videos' visibility. Here in this article, I'll tell you how you can get more likes. But first let me explain you a little bit about how you make a video.

Write a Script:

Write a script that is appealing and  relatable to your audience. Make a unique script that matches with your title. Don't make a too large script with no message in them. Try to make a script with meaning.

Plan Your Video:

Create an outline of each section of your video like where you invite them to subscribe to your channel, where you put call to action etc. Make sure you have some messages in your video to convey to your users. Make sure you have something unique to say in your video.

Prepare Yourself:

Prepare yourself for any kind of thing that could go wrong when you are shooting. Practice it so that the anxiety goes off.

Record Your Video:

Before recording, you need to have proper set up like lightening direction, camera placement etc. Record your video. Make sure your video has good thumbnails so that it looks top quality.

Edit Your Video:

After recording it, edit the video. Cut the scenes that don't match with the video. It's ok we all make mistakes so editing is something that helps you to show your magic or remove the parts or delete lines that doesn't fit with it.

Upload Your Video:

After all the steps that you followed above, now you have a one video after a few takes. Now it's time to upload it. Add titles, tags and a description to your video. You can create a Playlist too.

These are the steps that helps you to make a video on youtube. Now let's move to the most important part of our topic that is how to buy YouTube likes. The simple way is to buy through websites. There are a number of websites that are offering services to give you paid likes. What you need to do is to simply find a website. Select a package or make payment. In this way, you buy the likes. You can also buy views, subscribes etc. Here i am going to share with you few websites that you can use to buy likes is the most popular website that offers you quality likes with reasonable prices. You can buy 100 likes to 10k likes from this site. The payment lies from $7 to $650.


Venium offers you to buy likes at cheap prices. Cheap prices doesn't mean it is not safe or lacks quality. It is a safe platform to go with. It costs you $3.49 for every 100 likes. The maximum likes that you can buy from venium is 5k.


Famups are versatile and user-friendly. They deliver quality services and satisfy their customers. They provide you 100 likes to 5k likes. The cost lies from $9 to $380.

Views Expert:

Views expert is one of the best and easiest websites to use. It also helps your channel to grow. It can provide you 100 YouTube likes at the price of $10 to 1k YouTube likes at the price of $81. If you have any problem you can Contact their 24/7 support team.

Wrapping Up:

Many people think of buying YouTube likes as  illegal but if you are using it to get a good start then there's nothing wrong with it. It is a legal and effective way to buy YouTube likes from the above safe platforms.

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