To build your brand, Instagram is a great social network to use. You can increase reach and brand recognition using the platform while also creating a community of Instagrammers interested in your offer and content. It’s all but certain that your target audience uses Instagram, with billions of monthly active users.

The most significant disadvantage of using Instagram is intense competition. Since brands around the world have recognized that the platform is the best place to engage with people who could become customers, likely, the platform is also used by your competitors to target and achieve the same prospects.

In the field of conglomerate purchases, those that have more followers will be able to participate. For those who do not know, this is when another business asks someone to advertise and sell a specific product or service on Instagram. The account will take a share of the sales when the store sells the commodity. This is one of the significant advantages of having more followers on Instagram. The more someone has fans, the more potential customers the account would have. This will open the door to massive marketing and distribution packages for affiliates.

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