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To have more followers, you must care about the current followers you have on your Instagram account. That is because these followers help you attract new followers, ultimately helping you gain popularity. The Instagram algorithm works so that your account only gets promoted if it has a certain number of engagements in its post. And meeting comes by having more people see your post. While it may be difficult for you to make your post visible to a larger audience if you are a beginner, the least you can do is to have your posts get liked by as many followers as possible.

We have emphasized the importance of managing your Instagram audience, which is the key to gaining more followers. Congratulations on achieving 100 followers on your Instagram because these 100 followers will help you gain 100 more. Let’s discuss how to maintain your Instagram followers australia and get new ones. So, let’s get into it.

Keep The Same Level Of Content

If you have started gaining a certain amount of likes on your posts and followers on your page, you have built an audience that likes your content and follows your page regularly. You must keep your content at the same level as what attracted them in the first place. You can easily lose followers if the quality of your content goes down, and it has been observed several times. If you have gained a following, that does not mean those people follow you for your name. They follow you because of your content, and you must provide them with the same high-quality content regularly to keep them with you and to gain more followers.

Be Consistent

You may have often heard us saying, ‘Consistency is the KEY.’ That is because if you are inconsistent with your posts, you will see many followers no matter whether you buy Instagram followers or grow them naturally. However, if you post consistently, you will notice the same base of followers still with you, plus a new audience also.

Respond Your Comments

An easy way to keep your followers with you is to be responsive to their comments. You should always ask them for their feedback, whether you are getting positive or negative responses in the comment section. Your comment section helps in building a community among your followers. This community stays with you and enables you to get new followers.

Find Out What Attracts Your Audience

Your audience helps keep you relevant and gain new followers for your page. The least you can do for them is to find out what attracts them. It is recommended to build a certain type of audience and then keep posting for your audience. Once you find out what attracts your followers, it will be easy to keep them with you.

Analyze Your Posts

One of Instagram’s most important yet overlooked features is to analyze demographics. People usually don’t give it much importance, but it is the feature that would help you the most in finding out what your audience likes and does not. It shows the complete details of a post, including the likes, impressions, etc. These are the factors that would not only help you to maintain the audience you have built but also in gaining new followers.

Have A Searchable Username

Instagram has 1 billion users currently. Finding someone on Instagram is not easy, but if they have a unique and searchable username, it makes it easier to access their pages. If you have a certain number of followers, some of them might try to find you, and they will try the easy way, which is the search option instead of going through their ‘following’ list to look for you and if you don’t have a searchable username, it will be much difficult for them. Also a simple username would make it easier for new people to find you. So, it is a win-win condition.

Following these methods will help you maintain your audience and gain new followers. However, the most important part is to POST! Just post regularly, upload stories, and tag people in your posts, and you will see a significant change in your Instagram followers.